pthalo-alkadette (ombrage) wrote,

she doesn't want to live in a created world, she wants to live in one that just is

part of a community where you can say anything the fuck you want in a volvo station wagon

where tables are for sitting together

conversation over rice, prepared in a rice cooker because that's the only way, goddammit

the mail doesn't haunt us forever

the book the library people are using to con unsuspecting people into reading

reminded me of a scene in an apartment forever off-limits

it really bothers me that we haven't seen each other in a year and a half

I never got to paint the piggies

but I have something more substantial and less at the same time

continuing to exist without much prodding

as if that were natural

what language would I learn if I could choose?

my boss is surprised I don't drink coffee

my carpool buddy is surprised I have never smoked anything

I miss the cats in pittsburgh more than anything else in pittsburgh, sometimes

no offense
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