pthalo-alkadette (ombrage) wrote,

Summer heat is the great equalizer

but these baby Edmonton interns have actually driven in snow, and Martín reminds us that sometimes December is summer. He has memories of earthquakes. I just have hurricanes and floods.

I'll get a Katelyn to gamble for meat because in these 32 miles there are churches and thrift stores but not a single supermarket. The regular market has closed, and I remember being seven years old and wondering for the first time, via Spanish with Señora Robinson, why our Kash 'n' Karry was so damn super. Those are one of the Katelyns' initials, too, since her mother had the incredible foresight to ultimately reject the middle name Kory. The post office and gas station/Subway apparently make it a step up from my physical therapist's Alsatian village, but they ain't got bears or alligators to shoot at.
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