pthalo-alkadette (ombrage) wrote,

passive aggression

Why Kai is the worst roommate I have ever had:
1. Doesn’t clean the common area (it's only one room that combines kitchen/dining and laundry, and we only ask for once a month), yet cleans his own room regularly. The common room has a door to the outside and gets so dirty that it could actually use a cleaning more than once a week... but that's never going to happen.
2. Doesn’t clean the common area as thoroughly as others when he does clean; leaves the broom full of dust bunnies.
3. Wok sprays oil all over the other three burners, range, backsplash, range hood, and other people’s food: only wipes burner covered by wok. Romain doesn’t clean often, but he also doesn’t cook often.
4. Frequently spills sticky cooking liquid on the floor; leaves it to dry.
5. Leaves crumbs on the table every morning from his breakfast, wet ring on the counter from milk bowl.
6. Doesn’t clean the rice cooker corner, so I won’t either. It’s the only thing/area nobody else uses.
7. Doesn’t clean the calcium deposits in electric kettle.
8. Doesn’t clean the microwave, and he's the only one of us who doesn't use a cover/lid. Thinks the top of the microwave is his personal filing cabinet.
9. Doesn’t clean the trash can, even after spilling blood onto lid, drops food in gap between bag and can wall. Doesn’t understand we almost lost the privilege to use this trash can because it was dirty.
10. Doesn’t understand recycling, lets bottles and jars build up.
11. Left Fang’s wok/kitchen stuff under the hutch. Now we can't clean under it, and our super-controlling clean freak landlady sometimes enters to drop off our mail (shared mailbox).
12. Swapped out one of the kitchen chairs with the chair in his room???
13. Spills blood in the freezer.
14. Often leaves shrimp antennae and other food bits in the sink. I am allergic to shrimp.
15. Often leaves shrimp antennae, vegetable peels and other food bits on the floor. Once I found a huge chunk of cauliflower under the bike tire.
16. Fogs up the windows every time he cooks. The range hood is not enough, and he often does not turn it up to the maximum setting.
17. Stays in the kitchen for 2-3 hours per meal, sometimes longer on weekends. We don't have a living room, because you're supposed to live in your own room!
18. Sometimes waits until he hears me using the sink to do dishes.
19. Destroyed two of my sponges (cut up with knife, oily, black) before I started keeping mine separate.
20. I don’t understand how we go through dish soap so quickly.
21. Hasn’t bought his own sponges, dish soap, garbage bags, laundry detergent, or cleaning products.
22. Wipes dishes with sponge and sets on newspaper in drawers… possible grease damage to drawers.
23. Invites friends over without asking; they stay in the common area for hours, not his room. It can be just one friend, or six, or eight... around our kitchen table. For hours. Making noise.
24. Washes only 5-8 items, every week, runs washer for full cycle, blocks drying rack for days.
25. Doesn’t seem to understand other people use the same resources and that they aren’t always going to clean up after him.
26. Doesn’t understand me when I talk to him and repeats my questions after pretending to have understood. I can’t always understand him. It makes me never want to talk to him.
27. When I highlighted the fact that since New Year’s three weeks have gone by when nobody cleaned, he claimed “it was very clean.” Thérèse and I did not think this was true… You can’t take advantage of us!
28. Always home on weekends and holidays, so you never get a break! I don’t think Romain has ever cleaned the bathroom, but at least I don’t have to see him all the time.
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