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Cinders for Slippery Pavements

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons

28 July 1989
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I'm not "into" auto-biography.
self-explanatory, if you look at interests
affected habits, allusions, aloneness, aloofness, ambiguity in crowds, appliances, arches, archives, balancing (equations too!), beached people, bewildering sketches, bizarre in the mundane, blinds, broccoli trees, cat sneezes, caustic wit, chernobyl sarcophagus, chimerae, circuitry, climbing, clutter, collars, contrast, creativity, crocheting, crumbs in communal pudding, curiosity, dance, doom, drains, dreams, driving badly, emptiness, ephemeral things, exaggerated hand gestures, eyelashes, factoring, falling hygiene meter, fears, ferocious unicorns, feti, fighting the power, filing cabinets, fire hazards, fountain pens, france, french, futility words, generalized creep behavior, ghoti, half a pickle sandwich, hallway conferences, heresy, hiding and/ or seeking, hitler and stalin, hobos with dangerous pasts, human weakness, ice cubes, illusions, imagination, infusions of charcoal, insomnia, intelligent conversation, intentions, introspection, irony, irregular movement, just trying, kgb, kitschy, kittens, l'amour coffre-fort, l'île mystérieux, lame puns, legwarmers, libraries, liminal spaces, line or angle f-a-g, literature, lizard pushups, macaroni necklaces, mannequin hands, matchbooks, metaphors, minotaur, miserable holidays, misinterpretations, morbidity, mse, mulling, naiveté, negative space, neverending quests, nightmares before christmas, non-rhoticism, nonconformity, notoriety, obscurity, odd hats, old things, other people's laughter, oxygen, pathos, planets with multiple suns, polystyrene, procrastination, queer fish, radiation, radiators, rain, rainbow crayons, randomness, raptor physics, reflections on water, ribbons, rusty iron curtains/lungs, sad pandas, sarcasm, scarves, schrodinger's cat, shadows, sharp pointy things, shooting stars, shrugging, silence (usually awkward), slide rules, spiders, sporks, staring, subliminal messaging, suspended objects, swingsets, symbols, tangerine-flavored corn chips, tea cosies, the "sparkles" floor, the smell of paper, the st. lawrence grill, tubes connected in series, typewriters, uncomfortable truths, useless knowledge, wandering, watercolours, wearing pants, webcomics, weird little children, what backpacks eat, winged insects, xanadu